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Scoutrix is a Moscow based IT recruitment agency that connects companies around the world with the best software engineers.

How We Work

01 Screening

01 Screening

We follow a rigorous screening process to identify only the best candidates. Our experts look for great problem solvers with passion and drive – people we would want to work with.

02 Hiring

02 Hiring

Our hiring process aims to match you to the ideal candidate in our network.

03 Relocating

03 Relocating

We support your future employee throughout their relocation, making it stress free for you and them.

Find the IT Specialist You Need

Access a network of software engineers, data scientists and architects with expertise across hundreds of technologies.


AngularJS Developers
React Developers
Javascript Developers
HTML 5 Developers
Wordpress Developers


Python Developers
PHP Developers
Ruby Developers
Java Developers
Blockchain Developers


iOS Developers
iPhone App Developers
Android Developers
Android SDK Developers
Hybrid App Developers


Full-Stack Developers
Data Scientists
QA Engineers
DevOps Engineers
Machine Learning Engineers

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